Snow Plowing

Snow Plowing Corcoran has over 64 miles of roads that are maintained by our public works staff. The following is information and simple requests for you as a resident to follow during this season.

  • Snow accumulation of two inches or more warrants the plowing of asphalt roads, and 4 inches warrants the plowing of asphalt and gravel roads.
  • High winds, drifting of snow, ice, and/or freezing rains may also warrant the commencement of operations depending upon conditions. Safety of the plow operators and the public is important. Therefore, snow plowing operations may be terminated after 12 - 14 hours to allow personnel adequate time for rest.

Snowstorms create numerous problems. Residents have certain responsibilities in minimizing these problems. Therefore, the following is requested from residents:

  • Keep updated on current and predicted weather conditions.
  • Be aware of the snow removal equipment. Please, DO NOT CROWD THE PLOW, expect snow removal equipment to back up frequently.
  • Obey the "Snowbird Ordinance" by not parking vehicles on City streets during the prohibited hours
  • Be patient - plowing and sanding takes time Clean snow from around mailboxes, newspaper delivery tubes. Group mailboxes when possible.
  • Place garbage and recycling containers away from the edge of the road. Keep garbage and recycling containers off the street during snow events so they do not get covered
  • Decorative rock, landscaping items, lawn sprinkler heads, fences, or other obstructions are not allowed in the right-of-way. These items need to be removed as they are viewed as a hazard.

The Corcoran Public Works Department and the Hennepin County Highway division would like to caution residents that it is UNLAWFUL TO DUMP, PLOW OR PUSH SNOW FROM PRIVATE DRIVEWAYS ONTO THE HIGHWAY OR CITY STREETS. Under MN Statues, Chapter 160.27, Subdivision5, and local ordinances prohibit the plowing, blowing, shoveling or otherwise placing of snow from sidewalks, driveways and parking lots onto public roadways. The violations are considered a misdemeanor, punishable by a maximum $700 fine and/or 90 days in jail.

Snow dumped on highways or the right of way can create a hazard not only for motorists, but also for snowplows. Even heavy snowplows have been ditched and damaged when hitting compacted and frozen snow. The person responsible for depositing snow on roadways may also be liable in a civil lawsuit if damages or injuries occur as a result of this action. We urge you, as good neighbors and motorists, not to add to the hazards of winter driving.

Residents should be aware that they may need to clear their driveways several times until their street has been plowed to its full width.

According to Chapter 71 71.01 of the City of Corcoran Municipal Code, it is unlawful to park a motor vehicle on any public street within the City limits from November 1 to April 1, between the hours of 1:00 a.m. and 7:00 a.m. No parking is allowed on any City street at any time if snowfall is 2 inches or greater. This will be in effect until such roads are plowed, and snow has been removed from such roads. No vehicle of 10,000 gross weight or greater shall park on any city street unless authorized by the Police Chief or Public Works Director.

2013-11-14 Approved City of Corcoran Snowplowing Policy

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