Lawn Care Practices

Corcoran Lawn Care Reminders
Please see Title V: Chapter 50: 50.06 and 82.18 in the City Municipal Code for complete information

With summer in full swing lawn care becomes a normal part of the day.

Grass Clippings
Please remember to not dispose of grass, leaves, dirt or landscape material into any water resource, buffer, street, road, alley, catch basin, culvert curb, gutter, inlet, ditch, natural watercourse, flood control channel, canal, storm drain or any fabricated natural conveyance. Grass height is not to exceed 12" unless it is part of a designed prairie restoration.

Pesticides and Fertilizers
Everyone likes to have a green lawn, free of unsightly weeds, but application doses of pesticides and fertilizers are important to follow for the best lawn care results, and to protect our water resources and local wildlife. Property owners are responsible for the removal, cutting and/or disposal and elimination of weeds and rank vegetation or other uncontrolled plant growth on their property. For information on pesticides and fertilizers, please click on the Minnesota Press Release at the link below:

MN Press Release on Pesticides and Fertilizers

Water Saving Irrigation Tips
Saving water in irrigation systems is easier than you think. Be sure to check that irrigation sprinkler heads are working properly, as a broken sprinkler head can waste 1,000 gallons of water an hour! Click on the short Green Grass with Less Blue video below for information on how to make sure your irrigation system is operating efficiently:

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