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To order your Knoxbox, visit From there, click on Commercial Knoxboxes under the Products tab, select Minnesota as your location, enter “Corcoran Police” in the Local fire department/agency space provided, and then select Corcoran Police Dept to view the Knoxbox options for purchase for the City of Corcoran.

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Corcoran Lock Boxes

In cases of medical or fire emergencies, it is vital that police, fire fighters and paramedics be able to gain access to buildings. For this reason, the Minnesota State Fire Code provides authority to require installation of key boxes. (MSFC 506)

All commercial and industrial buildings require a lock box and must follow the lock box mounting requirements put forth by the City.

The City of Corcoran uses Knoxbox as the lock box system. Knoxbox is an armored tamper-proof box in which entry keys are placed for Police and Fire Department emergency use. The Knoxbox also helps minimize damage to your doors in an emergency. Only the Police and Fire Department has keys to these boxes. When you are ready to order a lock box, see the “Order Knoxbox” section below.

When the box has been installed, and the keys clearly labeled, Contact Corcoran Police at 763-420-8966 to make an appointment to open the box to put the building keys in.

If your building's main entrance door is always or sometimes locked, the Knoxbox must be located on the outside of your building as close as possible to the main entrance so that the Knoxbox is no more than seven feet above the bottom sill of the main entrance door(s). Boxes maybe located inside a vestibule where the outer door is not locked.

1. Master exterior entrance or grand master key;
2. Master interior including mechanical room, boiler room, and electrical room;
3. Fire alarm panel/enunciator and pull stations;
4. Sprinkler riser room
5. Each key shall be placed separately on a single ring stating its use.

If any of the locks that the keys unlock are changed, call the Corcoran Police at 763-420-8966 to open the Knoxbox so that the keys can be exchanged.

1. Only the Police and Fire Department have keys to the Knoxbox.
2. The Knoxbox allows fire fighters to gain rapid entry in case of a fire or medical emergency.
3. The Knoxbox allows fire fighters to gain rapid entry without damaging doors.
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