Home Occupations (Home-based Business)

If you operate a business from your home, you may need a Home Occupation License. The purpose of this ordinance is to maintain the character and integrity of the residential areas. All home occupations must register with the City, where an application is available to fill out. (Title X 130-15)

A Home Occupation is any gainful occupation or profession engaged in by the legal resident of a dwelling, at or from the dwelling or from an accessory building.   The City of Corcoran defines three types of home occupations:

Allowed (registration only)
Special (requiring an administrative permit) 
Conditional home occupations (requiring an interim use permit)

The purpose of this Ordinance is to maintain the character and integrity of residential areas and to also provide a means for residents to conduct a home-based business in a way that is compatible with the surrounding neighborhood. In addition, this Ordinance is intended to provide a mechanism enabling the distinction between permitted home occupations and special or customarily “more sensitive” home occupations, so that appropriate, permitted home occupations may be allowed outright or through an administrative process rather than a legislative hearing process.

All home occupations must register with the City by completing a Home Occupation Application. INSERT LINK Further action may be required if the home occupation is classified as Special or Conditional.

A Guide to Home Occupations (Need link)

The Home Occupation ordinance (1030.100) can be viewed in its entirety here: (Need link)

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